Our number one priority and goal in the Hillsboro School District is ensuring students are safe. When parents send their children to school each day, they entrust us with their safety. And we take that responsibility very seriously.

Below is information on the network of adults, systems, structures, protocols, and other supports we leverage to keep our students, staff, and schools as safe as possible.

1. What is the Size Limit for Package Delivery with Asteroid Express?

At Asteroid Express, we can handle packages of almost all sizes. Whether you need to deliver an envelope or multiple packages, we are able to accommodate your needs. However, please call ahead to discuss your needs and ask about vehicle availability.

2. What Types of Industries Do You Serve?

We offer courier, delivery, and messenger services for a diversified clientele, from large organizations to small businesses and individuals. Industries we serve include retail, e-commerce, warehouse, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and more.

3. How Do I Need To Pack My Items?

You should pack all fragile items in a manner that that would prevent damage upon shipment. We can accommodate all types of packages that can fit in our vehicles. Our staff handles goods with great care. If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us directly.