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Admissions Information

Things for Families to Consider Before Enrolling

Changing schools is a big decision!  We want your student to have a great experience with us and make their transition into our school successful. Student retention, happiness, and academic success are essential to all of us. The following is a list of things to consider before you submit your enrollment application:


  • Is your child ready for a rigorous academic environment?

  • If your student is on an IEP or has a 504, will their academic goals be met with our Resource Room-only student services?

  • How attached is your child to his/her current school, friends, and teachers?

  • How is your child’s ability to transition to a new environment?

  • Does your child have siblings in another school, meaning multiple drop-offs and pick-ups to coordinate? Our school does not provide school bus service.

  • How does our school location impact your commute to/from work?

  • Is your family fully committed to fieldwork which may include an overnight trip?  Parent volunteers are used for fieldwork, but we cannot guarantee that you will always be allowed to attend.

We have a different academic day than the other public and private schools in the area. While we do give a morning and an afternoon recess (K-5th)  in addition to a lunch break, the kids are tired at the end of the day. However, they adjust, especially with the help of extra sleep at night and a healthy lunch at school. We also have a different calendar than our district schools. There are times we may be on campus when the district has days off.  Our school receives only 80% of the state funding allocated to public school students. Because of this, we rely on our family community for volunteer service and fundraising efforts to bridge our financial gap. While we do our best to cut our costs, fundraising, including donations, is critical to our success.  

    This includes everything from the structural integrity of the building itself to fencing around the property..
    As a school, we are responsible for ensuring students are supervised at all times during the school day, as well as during school-sponsored afterschool activities and events. Staff members have undergone full background checks, including fingerprinting. Volunteers must also consent to and pass a state-level background check before they can begin serving at a school, help chaperone a fieldwork, etc.
    Hillsboro School District has eight school resource officers serving our schools, seven of which are supervised by Sgt. Brian Wilber of the Hillsboro Police Department. In addition to working with students, teachers, parents, and administrators to facilitate safe school environments, they also focus on: Drug awareness and education Cyber safety Safe routes to schools Bully intervention Attendance and school behavior management Dating education and safety Summer school and camps Mentorship and resource referrals City View's assigned SRO is: Det. Lisa Erickson (
    When concerns are brought to school administration about a safety issue, an investigation is always conducted. This investigation includes fact-finding at a minimum and, depending on the situation, may also include some or all of the following: - Interviews of people who may have information related to the issue or incident. - Discipline per the Standards of Student Conduct. - Restorative practices (This is an approach based on respect, responsibility, relationship-building, and relationship-repairing that focuses on mediation and agreement rather than punishment.) - Threat assessment (This includes a thorough review of the incident and involvement of a student(s) by some or all of the following people, depending on the level of the threat: school and District staff, law enforcement, Care Coordinators, and our clinical psychologist.) - Home visit - Referral to community-based service and support agencies - Creation of a safety plan - Referral to law enforcement - Conclusion and findings Investigation-related information is only shared with people who are authorized to receive it under FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines - it cannot be shared with other students, parents, or the community.
    The primary purpose of a threat assessment is to prevent targeted violence. The threat assessment process is based upon analysis of the facts and evidence of behavior in a given situation. The appraisal of risk in a threat assessment focuses on actions, communication, and specific circumstances that may suggest an individual intends to carry out an act of violence and is engaged in planning or preparing for that event. In simpler terms, it is the assessment of the unique interaction and dynamics between the perpetrator or attacker, the target, and the situation they are in. Goals: - To provide a protocol to assess threats of potentially harmful behaviors, risk factors, and action required to support school safety. - To provide a multi-level system that can mobilize broader community responses and resources to help facilitate the development and implementation of safety monitoring and management plans. - To develop and maintain a sense of safety among students, teachers, other staff members, and parents/guardians. - A threat assessment is conducted by the Student Threat Assessment Team (STAT) when there is a safety incident or concern about a student. The threat assessment is conducted at a Level 1 or Level 2 depending on the severity of the incident or nature of the concern. *Level 1 threat assessments are conducted at the building level by a cross-functional team of school and District staff. *Level 2 threat assessments are conducted at the School level and may include school and District staff, law enforcement, Care Coordinators, Department of Human Services, Washington County Juvenile Department, Washington County Mental Health, Hillsboro Fire and our school counselor. If a student will return to school following a threat assessment, a specific safety plan is devised to ensure the safety of other students, staff, and the student in question.
    The Standards of Student Conduct document details expectations of students while they are in school, on their way to or from school, participating in school-related activities, or engaging in behaviors that ultimately impact fellow students (e.g. cyberbullying, teen dating violence - see Policy JFCF: Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Menacing/Bulllying/Cyberbullying/Teen Dating Violence/Domestic Violence - Student and its accompanying administrative regulation: JFCF-AR) or the school environment (e.g. social media threats). Included in the Standards of Student Conduct are examples of behaviors that result in certain disciplines up to and including suspension and expulsion. Discretion is provided to the Executive Director to consider contributing factors and extenuating circumstances when determining appropriate discipline or restorative practices for a violation of rules and/or expectations.
    Creating safe and welcoming school environments is a top priority at City View Charter School. At all levels of our system, there are programs and initiatives under way to help ensure that students are respectful, responsible, and safe in their behaviors and interactions with others. At the elementary level, the two main efforts are the PAX Good Behavior Game, which encourages students to create their own positive social norms and to follow simple cues for demonstrating expected behaviors at the appropriate time; and the Positive Behavior Intervention Support system (PBIS), which uses a positive reward system for reinforcing good behavior. At the middle level, the efforts become more student-led. Each of our middle and high schools has a Unity Team advised by a staff member. Students involved in the Unity Teams help identify topics and issues that are most pertinent to their school and strategies for making improvements.

Información de admisión

Admisiones escolares

La solicitud para nuestra escuela pública autónoma está abierta a todos los residentes de Hillsboro, Oregon y las áreas circundantes. Como todas las escuelas públicas de Oregon, no se cobra matrícula y todos los estudiantes son elegibles para postularse.

La admisión está limitada a 48 estudiantes para nuestras clases de kindergarten entrantes y para cualquier vacante en los grados 1-8. La aceptación de los estudiantes se basa en una lotería computarizada al azar. Los estudiantes son aceptados con los hermanos de los estudiantes actuales primero, estudiantes que residen dentro del Distrito Escolar de Hillsboro y luego estudiantes que residen fuera de los límites del Distrito Escolar de Hillsboro. Una vez que se llenan los lugares, los nombres restantes se utilizan para formar la lista de espera.

Fechas de la lotería 2021-2022:

Kindergarten- 10 de marzo

1ro a 8vo grados- 7 de abril

Proceso de admisión

  1. El proceso de solicitud comienza con sesiones informativas de puertas abiertas y reuniones que se llevan a cabo en la escuela durante el invierno. Alentamos la asistencia cada año a nuestras jornadas de puertas abiertas o la participación en nuestra presentación de diapositivas en línea. En una jornada de puertas abiertas, los participantes tienen la oportunidad de conocer al personal, los miembros de la junta y los padres, aprender sobre la escuela, hacer un recorrido por el edificio y hacer preguntas.

  2. Después de las jornadas de puertas abiertas, todas las solicitudes enviadas se ingresan en la lotería anual. La lotería se lleva a cabo en la primavera y determina a qué solicitantes de kindergarten se les ofrecerá admisión para el siguiente año escolar. La lotería también llenará las vacantes en los grados 1-8 para el año siguiente y creará las listas de espera. Tenga en cuenta: las listas de espera del año anterior no se transfieren, los estudiantes deben volver a solicitar. La lotería realizada en la primavera establecerá una nueva lista de espera para el próximo año escolar. Si se perdió la lotería, aún puede presentar su solicitud y ser incluido en la lista de espera.

  3. Después de la lotería, notificaremos a las familias por correo electrónico para que acepten su espacio en una de nuestras clases o con su número de lista de espera. Le ofreceremos no más de una semana para tomar una decisión sobre ocupar el lugar en la escuela. Durante ese tiempo, si la escuela está en sesión, usted y / o su hijo pueden hacer una cita para visitar la escuela. A medida que avanzamos en las listas de espera, es posible que le notifiquemos durante el verano. Si eso sucede, tendrá que tomar la decisión sin una visita a la escuela, así que utilice la jornada de puertas abiertas y otra información en nuestro sitio web. ¡Esté preparado para tomar una decisión rápida!

Si está interesado en inscribir a su hijo en el año escolar actual o después de las fechas de la lotería, comuníquese con la oficina de la escuela. Si hay espacio disponible, se le notificará la oportunidad de inscribirse después de que recibamos su solicitud. Si no hay espacio disponible, su estudiante será colocado en nuestra lista de espera.

Lista de espera

Para las solicitudes recibidas antes de la fecha límite de la lotería, su posición en la lista de espera será determinada por el proceso de lotería. Los solicitantes serán notificados de su posición en la lista de espera y las vacantes se llenarán en orden numérico de la lista. Nuestra lista de espera no se renovará de un año a otro, sino que se volverá a crear después de cada lotería anual. Todos los solicitantes interesados ​​en permanecer en la lista de espera deben volver a presentar su solicitud anualmente. Todos los solicitantes, incluidos los que se encuentran actualmente en la lista de espera, se ingresarán en una nueva lotería aleatoria y se generará una nueva lista de espera. La nueva lista de espera estará vigente para el próximo año escolar.

Las listas de espera se utilizan durante la primavera y el verano y durante el siguiente año escolar para llenar las vacantes a medida que ocurren. Las listas de espera suelen ser más cortas en los grados medio y superior, y particularmente en los grados de la escuela intermedia. City View continúa aceptando solicitudes después de la lotería anual para colocarlas en la lista de espera, en caso de que haya una vacante disponible. Si la fecha límite de la lotería ha pasado, comuníquese con nosotros, envíe una solicitud y se lo colocará en la lista de espera.

Lugares disponibles

Nuestro equipo de jardín de infantes generalmente tiene la mayor cantidad de vacantes, sin embargo, no sabremos cuántas vacantes tenemos hasta que se acerque la lotería. Los hermanos de los estudiantes actuales llenarán algunos de los espacios. En otras clases, puede haber pocos o ningún lugar disponible en el momento de la lotería. Las familias interesadas aún pueden postularse y ser incluidas en la lista de espera en caso de que haya espacios disponibles.

Política de no discriminación

City View Charter School, una escuela charter pública y gratuita de Hillsboro, OR, no considerará el origen étnico, nacionalidad, raza, religión, discapacidad, género, nivel de ingresos, competencia en el idioma inglés o capacidad atlética como factores de admisión. (ORS 338.125 (3)) De acuerdo con el estatuto estatal (ORS 338.125), la edad y el grado serán los únicos criterios de admisión utilizados por City View Charter School.

Para postularse, complete el formulario en línea o siga las instrucciones de solicitud impresas aquí.

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